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A new free game arrives today at the Epic Games Store | we are xbox

The weeks fly by and, once again, we arrive at our favorite day of the week, Thursdays. As our readers will know, Thursdays are the days of arrivals at Xbox Game Pass, to discover the new Xbox Free Play Days and to download new free games from the Epic Games Store. So how could it be otherwise, in just a few hours a new free game will arrive at the Epic Games Store, which this time is Rise of Industry.

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Although, for those who did not know, we can currently continue downloading Free Duskers for PC, but you already know that if there is no last-minute surprise, starting at 5:00 p.m. (USAtime), a new free game will arrive at the Epic Games Store that we can add to our library forever. Rise of Industry is a strategy title developed by Dapper Penguin Studios, which will be available to download until March 9, 2023, at which time we will download the new games that will be revealed this afternoon.

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new free game to the Epic Games Store

A new free game is coming to the Epic Games Store today

Rise of Industry is a strategic tycoon game where you build and manage your growing industrial empire in a procedurally generated, living, breathing world set in the 1930s that is constantly evolving and adapting to your style. of game.

As a budding entrepreneur, you will build factories, build efficient production lines, move raw materials, produce finished goods, and organize trade with the developing cities of the world, providing them with the resources they need to prosper as they grow and prosper. , you do too.