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A new game arrives on Xbox Game Pass day one this summer – Xbox

A new game arrives on Xbox Game Pass day one this summer

The Xbox Game Pass service does not stop offering more and more content, in addition to an addition that arrives tomorrow, now we also know that for the summer we will have a new game. We are talking about Venba, a cooking game that will tell us a story about the family we represent. We came from India to look for a life in Canada to fill the country with family recipes.

Initially, Venba was announced for PC and Nintendo Switch, however, Visai Games has announced its release for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox ONE. In addition, it is scheduled to enter the Microsoft service on the same day of its departureso Xbox Game Pass will receive an interesting addition to its ranks.

This is Venba, the new thing that will arrive on Xbox this summer

Explore a story with old family recipes as the game tells us a story of family, love and loss. We still do not have a clear release date, we only know that it will arrive during the summer and as we say, you can enjoy it day one on Xbox Game Pass.


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