A new great game arrives today on Xbox Game Pass – Xbox

Tom Henry

a new great game arrives today on xbox game pass

The wait is over and we already have with us a new IP from the hand of Capcom: Exoprimal, although it is not a surprise for us since we have already been able to see this new proposal in action that leads us to embark on an experience that will make us face fearsome enemies, specifically, dinosaurs.

You always have to bet Capcomcome on, we are facing a company that has released a tremendous number of titles, all loaded with excellent quality, without going any further, this year we have seen the arrival of Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak, Resident Evil 4 Remake and Street Fighter 6. Each release loaded with a lot of quality, which shows us the golden age that the Japanese are going through.

Dinosaurs invade us in Exoprimal

It’s not Dinocrisis!, but it’s the closest we’re going to get from Capcom in relation to dinosaurs. We are facing a game as a service that will place us on a side that will have to face a huge number of these giant reptiles, all framed in a fairly competitive and multiplayer environment.

Also, what’s new from Capcom is launching on day 1 on Xbox Game Pass, if the game catches your eye, it is the right time to have your subscription active and start exploring all the action that it offers us. You can also see the first minutes of the game to get an idea of ​​it, from this link.

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