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A new improvement will make Xbox Series X and S faster when turned on

Testers in Microsoft’s Xbox Insider program have noticed increased boot speeds.

Before reaching users, the program Xbox Insider lets us see in advance some news that Microsoft plans to incorporate into its current consoles: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. On this occasion, there is good news for those who are concerned about the boot time of the machines.

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As we read in The Verge, Microsoft is speeding up boot time both Series X and Series S so that the dashboard appears as soon as possible. From the moment we turn on the console until we can use it, only eight seconds would pass, having reduced by 5 seconds waiting for her

In the gif that you have on these lines we see a comparison of how long the console takes before and after this implementation. The members of the program have noticed this and Josh Munsee, from the Xbox marketing department, has confirmed it by ensuring that have created a shorter animation which helps to reduce the total ignition time.

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Xbox Series X and Series S owners will only benefit if they have their consoles set to power saving mode instead of the waiting or standby mode, that is, allowing the machine to turn off completely and being more user-friendly.

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