A new installment of Metroid may have leaked for Nintendo Switch

Tom Henry

The Japanese company would have once again trusted a USAstudy for the next installment of Metroid.

A new installment of Metroid may have leaked for Nintendo Switch
Metroid Dread is the latest installment of the series in its 2D aspect

While the development of Metroid Prime 4 remains a mystery, despite the years that it has been announced, it seems that Nintendo is working on a new installment of the series. According to the latest rumors, the Japanese company could have a new game in the Metroid series on its hands yet to be announced, and it would be taking place in USA again.

The last installment in the series was Metroid Dread, which arrived in 2021 from the USAstudio Mercury Steam, the same team that would be currently working on a new installment of Metroid for Nintendo Switch. Dread was very well received by critics and the public, and garnered the best sales of the entire historical series.

Metroid with a USAaccent

This rumor about a new Mercury Steam Metroiod comes from the USAleaker Nash Weedle, who rightly anticipated the development of Metroid Dread before its official announcement. According to “The Leaks Analyst”, Mercury Steam is working on a new 2D Metroid that would hit the market in 2025as he assures through his personal Twitter account.

of course still there is no official confirmation from the development studio or by Nintendo, it is to be expected that the project is still in its early stages if it plans to come out in 2025. Even so, it is logical to think that the Japanese will trust Mercury Steam again after how well Metroid Dread worked in 2021, game that accompanied the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED model.

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It is to be hoped that soon there will be a new Nintendo event to unveil its 2023 release lineup that will accompany the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which will arrive on Nintendo Switch in the middle of the year.

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