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A new PlayStation patent points to the use of NFTs between various platforms

The news about NFTs and diverse blockchain technologies in the world of video games, something that has been strongly criticized by many players in the past, which has not prevented companies from exploring a sector that could be very important in the future.

on this occasion it is Sony that explores this possibility through a patent which was presented a year ago but which was finally published last Thursday and which has been discovered by the Segment Text portal, which has been the one that has published all the information related to it.

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The name of the patent is “NFT framework for transferring and using digital assets between gaming platforms” and in it it is pointed out that some video games could include works of art or NFT game assets (such as a weapon skin) although “current systems are technologically inadequate to use these assets in different games and platforms.”


The objective of this patent is precisely to register the idea of ​​various system enhancements where players can use NFT items in various video games and platforms and exchange them with ease, creating a very particular ecosystem in which the unique objects of one title could be used in others.

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In fact, they give a very interesting example in which a player obtains a unique skin in a title that can then be used in other video games or platforms. Another example they give is that a player be the first to beat a boss in a title, getting an NFT that allows you to use hunter weapons in other titles“, that is, interconnect NFT between video games creating a kind of virtual universe.


“As another example, you can create an NFT that represents a certain level or score in a video game and can then be transferred to someone else, who can resume the game in that title at the same point the vendor left off, with the same level, progress, and score.

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It is not the first time that Sony is interested in NFTs

This It is not the first time that we see how Sony is interested in NFTs and blockchain technologies since another patent was discovered last November that pointed to the tracking, use and modification of these digital assets.

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