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A player owns 3 of the rarest items in an MMORPG, worth a brand new car

mmorpg player creates a success that was considered impossible for

There are items in Tibia Online that are really, really rare. A player has three items on his account, each of which only exists once. Two of them are worth more than 20,000 euros together, the special crown possibly even more.

What are these items? Brazilian player Rei de Lutabra is the lucky owner of these items. It refers to:

  • The Crown – It was given out in 2000 as a special reward at an event at the Thais Temple in Antica.
  • The Magical Long Sword – this weapon was used as compensation for a player accidentally finding an item that wasn’t supposed to be available in Tibia. It is still one of the strongest weapons in ..
  • The Blessed Shield – this shield was given to the player Elleshar in 1999. Elleshar previously helped with the graphic desEsports Extrasfor the game.

They can all be seen in the player’s house.

How much are these items worth? The shield was sold in June 2022 for 12 billion gold. This corresponds to the equivalent of 15,690 euros. The magic long sword, on the other hand, was sold two years ago for around 3,500 euros, but according to the community it is actually worth more.

There is no fixed monetary amount for the crown. However, it is considered to be something like the “Holy Grail” and is likely to exceed the value of the shield again.

In Tibia there is the possibility to trade ingame items for Tibia Coins. These coins, in turn, can be bought for real money, which is why the value can be easily converted into real currency.


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Insane sums are offered for accounts in Tibia

Are these high numbers exceptional? Rather not. There are some items that have such high value in Tibia. Rei de Lutabra himself still owns the Gamemaster doll and Ephanie, a sword, both worth around 3,000 euros.

In addition, players are willing to pay large sums for accounts that are high in the rankings. The Twitch streamer Bobeek, for example, had the second most powerful hero in Tibia in the meantime. A user is said to have offered him 250,000 euros for this account.

However, he refused. He is not interested in selling.


Characters are also sold in the . via an official platform. This is to minimize the risk of “illegal char trading”.

Incidentally, trading between players is a stroke of luck for CipSoft. By buying the Tibia Coins and the character exchange market, the developers earn passively. All employees benefit from this:

German . is doing so well that a studio in Regensburg pays all employees 9 months salary as a bonus