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A “Pokemon player” fish impersonates its owner on the eShop


A “Pokemon player” fish impersonates its owner on the eShop

Sometimes the imaginative use of social networks and broadcasting platforms leaves stories that one could not imagine in a fairly logical context. It is common for content creators to look for unusual ways to explore the titles they play live, and from this sometimes truly bizarre stories emerge, such as the one we are going to tell today: the story of the fish that played Pokemon Scarlet and Purple live and that he stole his owner’s credit card details to buy on the eShop. Probably one of the craziest stories we’ll ever read.

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The story of the Pokemon trainer fish that became a thief

It all started on the channel of the Japanese youtuber Mutekimaru Channel. This creator wanted to experiment with his fish, to see if he was able to complete Pokemon Scarlet and Purple without help. He installed a webcam focused on his fish tank and monitored his movements through software that turned them into in-game commands. With this method, two years ago, he already managed to get the fish to finish Pokemon Sapphire (yes, in more than 3000 hours of play). This time, a series of unfortunate events led to quite a different outcome.

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The first unexpected event was crashed of the game of Pokemon while the youtuber was not monitoring the progress of the fish. The Nintendo Switch system, meanwhile, continued to record the fish’s movements, unluckily for the fish to access the Nintendo eShop and enter the correct commands to add 500 yen to Mutekimaru’s account, thus exposing his account information. credit card before all streaming viewers.

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Things could have turned out a lot worse than they did, given the circumstances, but luckily for Mutekimaru, the Pokemon trainer fish settled for troll him A little bit: He bought a new Nintendo Switch Online avatar, downloaded the Nintendo 64 emulator, requested a confirmation email from Paypal, and changed his Nintendo Account name to “ROWAWAWAWA¥.” Nintendo ended up returning the 500 yen to the content creator, but we’re sure the Pokémaniac fish won’t be left alone in the room for a long time again.


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