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A segment about Doublelift and TSM sparks controversy in the LCS

100 Thieves shooter Yiliang Peng”double lift«, is one of the icons of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) on its own merits. The American is the most successful player in the history of the region, something he has achieved by winning at different clubs. One of the organizations where he was most successful was at TSM, where he starred with Soren Bjerg.”bjergsen» his golden age. The league itself has wanted to collect the player’s story before the audience, but a segment about his previous club has generated controversy.

For the match between 100 Thieves and TSM, host Gabriella Devia-Allen «LeTigress» starred in a monologue about Doublelift’s career. In it, LeTigress collected with a comic tone both the best and the worst moments of the ADC throughout its extensive career. However, the LCS not only spoke about the sporting merits of the American, but also about some external controversies. Mainly from the accusations against Andy Dinh “Reginald”, founder of TSM.

LeTigress kept the ironic tone when talking about Reginald, who has received accusations of harassment of TSM workers. It was precisely Doublelift himself who revealed during a live broadcast the alleged attitudes of his previous boss, who was fined last July by Riot Games. Following the complaint by the LCS Players Association, the developer fined Dinh $75,000 and external monitoring for two years.


This has sparked complaints on Reddit from fans, who have called for more sensitivity to the LCS when talking about Reginald and his alleged harassment of TSM workers. “I understand that the drama behind them makes an” interesting “story, but the tone given to the segment in the face of possible cases of bullying to players or staff is not professional, “said one user. LCS fans have also equated the situation to a hypothetical case in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). The fans have defended that it would be the same as talking about Carlos Rodríguez’s relationship with Andrew Tate in a segment about G2 Esports.

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