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A simple trick will make you up to 30% stronger in Diablo 4 – just don’t be lazy

During the Diablo 4 Open Beta, some resourceful players figured out an easy way to do more damage. All they have to do is spam their abilities instead of leisurely autocasting. However, it is not clear whether this will remain the case.

What is this trick? In principle, it’s very simple: if you hold down a key or button in Diablo 4, you use the ability bound to it permanently – or until a resource is used up.


Depending on your attack speed, you will be slower or faster. But you can make sure that you are faster yourself. Instead of holding down the ability, you simply activate it manually over and over again and move via forced movement in the meantime.

So you break off the animation of the ability and start again faster. According to RaizQT on YouTube, it’s around 30% faster. The method is called animation canceling and is common in a number of games with an action combat system.

According to RaizQT, this should work with any ability that has no cooldown, i.e. can be spammed.


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Animation Canceling makes each skill up to 30% stronger

Should that be so? In fact, this method has been common in gaming for many years, not only in action RPGS, but also in fighting games and to some extent in shooters.

On Reddit, a user says that the druid only felt good with the animation canceling. In Diablo 4, druids are currently considered to be far too weak, but with the faster magic he is no longer quite as clumsy.


Others note that such a possibility should not be in play as it is too unfair and does not appear to be working as intended. Getting animation canceling out of the game should be a top priority.

Is that still in play? Probably not. Blizzard doesn’t really like unfair advantages. Since there will also be PvP in Diablo 4, the method here would be more of an exploit.

On the other hand, animation canceling is even possible in games like The Elder Scrolls Online. Accordingly, it could well be intentional that such systems are used, similar to the so-called “i-frames”, which make you invulnerable for a short time.


There will be more information from the developers about the future of Diablo 4 in April, hopefully there will also be news about this trick:

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