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A Skyrim player makes a perfect replica of Elven’s dagger

They spectacularly recreate one of Skyrim’s daggers.

A Skyrim player makes a perfect replica of Elven's dagger
Skyrim does not stop offering surprises.

If you ask us to say a masterpiece in the world of video games, many people will come to mind The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A title that provides us with thousands and thousands of hours while we explore the vast world that it offers us. That is why this installment continues to lead players to do incredible wonders in video games and above all, in real life.


This is the case of Yugiwow, a Reddit user who has created countless replicas of this title, from weapons to armor. In this case we come to show you the Elven dagger, one of the most liked weapons in Skyrim, well, now you can see it in real size and off the screen.

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This is this incredible recreation of the Elven dagger from Skyrim

Yugiwow has talent, a lot, and fortunately he wanted to share it with the entire community. Thanks to that, Skyrim fans can remain open-mouthed at such recreations. If you want to see them, don’t worry, then we will leave you the clip so that you can appreciate the dagger in its maximum splendor. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I am.


If Skyrim has something, it is a great variety of weapons, armor, ornaments… That is why it is something really difficult to make a decision about what to do and what not. This is where the personal tastes of each one come in, but we have to admit that beauty stands out in everything that this Bethesda installment has.. Every new thing we see, be it ingame or in real life, it’s just wonderful, even the bugs are amazing.

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That is why many people dedicate themselves to making incredible creations to decorate their shelves or to sell to other users, so we can all enjoy truly unique pieces. While there may be exceptions, normally many of these creations are made entirely by handsomething that makes them even more exceptional.

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It even offers us replicas of the famous locks with the picks included. If you want to get some for your personal collection, get in touch with him, because you are willing to create things to sell. Seize the opportunity.

If you want to see the collection that Yugiwow offers us, here is the link, not only does it have Skyrim creations, but it also surprises us with other installments. It’s really worth checking out, because Skyrim’s daedric armor recreation had me gawking for a few minutes.. So don’t hesitate, because if you are a fan of the game or how people can create amazing things, this is your place.


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