A soccer team made up of Mario and various generic characters: this is how Super Mario Strikers was going to be

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A dataminer has investigated the GameCube title until he found some discarded and very interesting figures.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Nintendo has regained the football spirit with the unexpected announcement of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. This has made many fans of the franchise fondly remember the previous installments of GameCube and Wii, although a dataminer has not missed the opportunity to dig into some files from the first game. And what has been found? Well, with a good handful of discarded material that shows slightly different teams.

The user Dogon McBanana He has shared his discoveries in a Twitter thread that you can consult just below these lines. After all, it is surprising to know that Next Level Games had prepared a few generic characters that, presumably, they would form the team of Mario and company as soon as we chose them as captains of the group. With the release of the game, these figures were replaced by the classic enemies of the franchise, if they were even considered for the final version of the game.


Beyond this, the dataminer has also found other noteworthy models, such as a forester with camera (which would later be replaced by automatic cameras in the game), a Dull Bones (variant of the classic Huesitos in Paper Mario) listed as ‘Doctor‘ and even a character with a T-shirt security officer.

Of course, the dataminer has found a handful of really curious details about Super Mario Strikers. As for the Nintendo Switch version dated for the next June 10th, it has already been confirmed that it is carried out by Next Level Games, who were responsible for the rest of the titles in the franchise. However, the president of the studio has announced his withdrawal from the video game industry and, in his message, he thanked Nintendo the opportunity to grow.

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