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A space station, waves of monsters and mysteries await you in Endless Dungeon – Latest News


A space station, waves of monsters and mysteries await you in Endless Dungeon – Latest News

The spiritual successor to Dungeon of the Endless is coming. Endless Dungeon will be released on 5/18/2023 for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Amplitude Studios has announced. A Nintendo Switch version will follow later.

The title is described as a unique combination of roguelite, tactical action and tower defense. You will assemble your group of heroes, dive into a recently abandoned space station and protect your crystal from endless waves of monsters and mysteries. Otherwise you will die. On the plus side, you don’t have to face this challenge alone, but you can embark on the adventure in 3-player co-op.

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Once you put yours together a crew of humanoids, aliens, cyborgs and others, so you equip them with a wide range of weapons from flamethrowers to poisonous snipers. When you are ready, you enter the station and try to survive. But accept the fact that you will probably die many times in this space dungeon.

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“It may seem difficult, but it’s satisfying to get a little further each time, unlocking new weapons, heroes, and discovering the secrets of the dark magic that brings you back every time you die…” the authors are convinced.

For those looking for a physical version, it is available Day One edition, which can be pre-ordered while supplies last. In addition to the game, it includes a physical artbook version and the Crystal Search card game, along with digital items such as the soundtrack and skin packs.

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It runs until January 30 OpenDev on PC. This is a test that those who pre-order the Last Wish digital edition will get into. They will then be able to participate in the pre-release closed betas, and finally play the full version 48 hours earlier (for consoles too).

Here’s our preview:

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