A Spanish Elden Ring player has achieved a true feat by passing the game in record time without receiving a single hit

Tom Henry

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With the expectation that Elden Ring has generated, it was to be expected that sooner or later they would begin to emerge speedrunners that they try to pass the work of From Software as quickly as possible. We already saw that one was able to finish it without dying even once, but there is someone who has gone even further with a real feat.

We are talking about Bushido, a USAspeedrunner who has become the first person in the world to complete the game without being hit oncesomething that for some may seem unthinkable due to the high difficulty of the game, but in any case it is a feat that you cannot miss in the following video.

As he himself admits, it is a commentary video of the game he played, since he recorded everything without being live. So we can see how he made it all along the almost three hours that the video lastsso he’s done all of this in record time, so that’s even more impressive.

The exploration of the Elden Ring is unrivaled: it's on par with (or even above) Subnautica and The Legend of Zelda.

Meanwhile, there are still more players trying to reduce the timer as much as possible. Days ago someone ventilated the Midlands in less than an hour, but now the time has been lowered to less than half an hour. Exactly have been 28 minutes and 59 seconds how long it took the speedrunner Distortion2 to pass it in the Any% category, which means that you can go to the end skipping all the parts you want, using tricks or bugs that are in the title.

Between one and the other it turns out admirable what the community has achieved from Elden Ring in such a short time that has passed since the game hit the stores, so it would not be surprising that sooner or later someone appears overcoming these surprising times. Will we ever see a speedrun under 20 minutes or less?


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