A Spanish studio already has the Nintendo Switch 2 development kits, according to a rumor

Tom Henry

a spanish studio already has the nintendo switch 2 development

The latest rumors suggest that a USAstudy would already be working on a game for the new Nintendo console.

A USAstudio already has the Nintendo Switch 2 development kits, according to a rumor
Fanmade desEsports Extrasof how Nintendo Switch 2 could be

Nintendo Switch 2 hasn’t been officially announced yet, but in the last few days we could have known not only that it is the preferred secondary console in American homes, but also that Nintendo’s new console would have a power similar to PS4 and Xbox One. The thing does not end there, since a USAstudy series one of the first in the world to already have one of these nintendo switch 2 development kits.

A USAleaker who in the past was right about the development of metroid dreadassures that a study in our country already has the development kits for Nintendo Switch 2 and gives some other details about the console.

Nintendo Switch 2 getting closer to becoming a reality

This is Nash Weedle, “The Leaks Analyst”, who commented through his Twitter account that “the Switch 2 development kit has arrived in USA”. He also suggests that this fact could indicate how close a official console announcement by the Japanese.

“That a USAstudy already has the kit, compared to the Nintendo secrecy policyis a boost in your relationships and indicates that we are in the last previous phases to the presentation of the console”.

On the other hand, a video that this leaker would have liked, speaks of the fact that, in this USAstudio, and in the rest of the teams that would be working with the successor to Nintendo Switch, “they are using the professional controller with the development, not drivers because they don’t want it leaked under any circumstances“. That is, the new Switch 2 controllers could be one of the great novelties of the console.

This rumor has just gained strength thanks to El Analista de Bits, the famous USAyoutuber who is dedicated to making comparisons of all kinds of games. Through his Twitter account he seemed to anticipate that the rumors about the power of Switch they are not quite right there could be some surprises in this aspect.

Anyways. It is not known which USAstudy may have already been done with one of the Nintendo Switch development kits, but it is to be hoped that it has been Mercury Steamwho would be working on the sequel to metroid dread. We will see when Nintendo decides to present its new console and if any of the rumors that have emerged in recent days are confirmed, such as that it will be retrocompatible with Nintendo Switch.

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