A speedrunner “creates” category %sex in Baldur’s Gate 3 and holds the record; slept with another character in less than 8 minutes | Top News

a speedrunner "creates" category %sex in baldur's gate 3 and

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A speedrunner “creates” category %sex in Baldur’s Gate 3 and holds the record; slept with another character in less than 8 minutes | Top News

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Much has been said about Baldur’s Gate 3 and sex. Yes, sex. As many of you already know, the new from Larian Studios has caught the attention of not a few players for the presence of certain adult content. Contents that, everything is said, are never shown explicitly beyond —at most— some other genital. And only when that option has been activated. That is to say, that although the characters can maintain intimate relationships, they will never be seen on the screen.

This is something that has given a lot to talk about. Even before its release, it was quite a hot topic due to the presence of a druid transforming into a bear out of emotion, for example. However, the news today is not that something strange has happened in the game, but that own speedrunners from Baldur’s Gate 3 have “created” a special category to see who is the fastest having sex.

Mae holds the record for %sex in Baldur’s Gate 3: Less than 8 minutes to bed Lae’zel

Yes, as you are reading, now there is speedrun sexual in Baldur’s Gate 3. Its “promoter” has been Mae, a player who managed to attract the attention of quite a few users by completing the game in less than 10 minutes. She did it by taking advantage of certain game dynamics and conversations. Without cheating or cardboard, she managed to find the fastest route. At least currently.

Now he has done it again, but in a different way. Categorizing it as “Baldur’s Gate 3 sex%”, this user managed to get past a very intimate night with Lae’zel in less than eight minutes of play. The process is quite curious, since he uses an improved jump ability to avoid any scene that does not help him in his purpose.

So, and also using the magician hand to activate certain mechanismsMae spends more time bouncing around than anything else, but she’s able to pull off just the right sequences so that both her character and Lae’zel share a bunk for a few hours.

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