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A Stardew Valley fan recreates game zones using LEGOs

a stardew valley fan recreates game zones using legos

This LEGO set based on the popular farm title is amazing.

A Stardew Valley fan recreates game zones using LEGOs
Stardew Valley is one of the best farm games ever

On February 26, 2016, video games in the farm management genre changed forever, since it was the date on which Eric Barone, after having made this project alone, released Stardew Valleythe title that was a revolution in this field of video games and that has made subsequent titles have to improve in order to at least touch the good work done by this creative, which has even led to the existence of several clones of the title .

Be that as it may, it must be said that something undeniable is that the ConcernedApe video game has been one capable of bringing together millions of fans all over the world, which do all kinds of madness in their games in Pelican Town, as has been the case of the player who has married more than 60 characters in Stardew Valley without intending to stop. However, the case that we bring now goes further.

This incredible fan-made LEGO set shows us the Pelican Town

To put it in context, it must be said that in LEGO, the giant of construction using blocks, the promotion of LEGO IDEAS is usually launched, so that anyone can upload their projects to the platform so that, if they have sufficient repercussion and approval, can come true, which implies earn the corresponding royalties.


Under this same premise, the Reddit user known as Star-Dewit has shown the Stardew Valley LEGO set that he has done, also asking that they vote for him on this platform to increase their chances of it becoming real. It should be noted that in this set we can see some locations of Pelican Town along with some inhabitants. You can take a look below:

Please support and share my lego ideas project, the Stardew Valley community centre!
by u/Star-Dewit in Stardew Valley

For the rest, it is not known for sure when Eric Barone’s next project will arrive, but until that day arrives, remember that Stardew Valley is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, smartphones, PS4 and Xbox Onebeing that the title can also be enjoyed on Ps5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S through backward compatibility.

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