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A successful German streamer shows what disgusting messages her guys send on Twitch

The 26-year-old DJane and producer Anika “Sinitica” F. is a successful German streamer on Twitch. According to a leak from 2021, she is one of the 3 highest earning women on the platform worldwide. Now she shares the messages of a person who gave her $1 during a Twitch stream. Twitter users find the news disgusting.

Who is this?

  • Sintica is at the forefront of a trend: DJ artists host hour-long streams on Twitch in which they play music and set the mood. Especially during the corona pandemic, Twitch became an alternative to DJing in clubs for some DJ artists.
  • The German Twitch scene is dominated by men: With 4.7 million hours watched last year, Sintica was ranked 35th among the most-watched German-speaking channels, making it the second largest streamer in Germany. 3 places ahead of her, in 32nd place, is Antonia “RevedTV” Staab.
  • With the Twitch leak in 2021, it turned out that Sintica was one of the 3 best-earning women ever on Twitch: Apparently she has many enthusiastic and loyal fans who consider her with paid subscriptions (“subs”).
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Prime Gaming is an important factor in the Twitch ecosystem:

Prime Gaming, the secret behind Twitch’s success

This is what the streamer now shows: In a July 22 tweet, Sintica shows a history of chat messages she received:

  • A user sent her a total of 8 donations of one euro each within an hour
  • Each donation came with a chat message in which the donor made it clear that they were masturbating to the streamer or describing sexual fantasies with the streamer
  • Apparently he relates the actions of the streamer while she is playing music to sexual acts that are intended for him

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“What’s wrong with Twitch?”

How is this commented? Many users on Twitter are disgusted by the donor’s behavior:

  • “Why the hell do some men always have to be so gross? ugh”
  • “What platform is that? Twitter? What’s wrong with them…”
  • “These people are so disgusting, why does it have to be written to a stranger? I do not get it.”

Female streamers feel sexually exploited on Twitch

This is behind it: What Sintica describes is a phenomenon that hits many Twitch streamers. People treat them as sexual objects and tell them that:

Streamer Sweet Anita spoke in April 2021 about feeling sexually exploited because people cut clips from their clips and in those clips she is reduced to her sexuality, even though she didn’t do anything suggestive in the actual video. So she said 7 seconds of her butt gets 500,000 views in a day

SweetAnita says people would purposely steal their content and then sexualize it in cheap clips. It spoiled her enjoyment of Twitch.

Streamer Valkyrae found videos online showing sexual acts claiming it was her. There are also entire Twitter channels dedicated to sharing photos of streamers being masturbated to.

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Another problem that streamers have is when their most successful clips are not particularly cool moments in games, but everyday actions, such as getting up from a chair or bending forward just because the buttocks or breasts seem to be highlighted for a few seconds in the phase.

As you can see from the comments, this is a problem that many Twitch feel responsible for solving and addressing. Twitch has extensive rules on how streamers should behave in front of the camera so as not to offend. For viewers, however, there do not seem to be any rules that have any consequences.


We at MeinMMO spoke to streamer Gnu about sexism in gaming:

Sexism in the gaming industry: “I thought it was part of it”


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