A terrifying dark fantasy RPG that (the few of us who knew it) have been waiting for years is about to come out

There is many souls-like on Steam, which is no surprise because FromSoftware’s games stimulate the creativity of anyone with even the slightest interest in the world. Within this enormous flow of alternatives there is, let’s say it, “everything” in terms of quality; but one that caught everyone’s attention when it was announced a couple of years ago was Bleak Faith: Forsaken.

Its first trailer was successful for several reasons: one, that it used Heilung music (if I don’t say it, I’m going to bust), and two, that it had a sense of scale rarely seen in the genre. The fact is that after a long time hidden in the shadows, the game has returned with a new video. And not just any one, but one that also reveals the release date: is, strangely, falling.

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Bleak Faith: Forsaken is coming to Steam and GOG next March 10th, although you can wish list it today if you want to be notified as soon as it becomes available to buy. Its price, yes, remains a mystery; so for now we will settle for a small synopsis and an understanding of the realities behind its development.

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The production is signed by a team of just three people and will mix a realistic and familiar universe with impossible nightmarish creatures, in such a way that bows, shields and chain mail are once again viable to fight and survive. This world is called “Omnistructure” and it is full of dangers, as you would expect. Don’t miss the video abominations.

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Personally, yes, in everything related to souls-likes I have my hopes set on The Lords of the Fallen this 2023 in the absence of news about the elusive Elden Ring DLC: it is still early to judge, but its screens portend good things .