A tour of the Mission Impossible saga

a tour of the mission impossible saga

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A tour of the Mission Impossible saga

Discover Mission Impossible: the saga that redefined action cinema, setting a new precedent.

From espionage to the most frenetic action: A journey through the Mission Impossible saga
Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1 was released on July 12 in theaters

Twenty-seven years have passed since the Mission Impossible franchise began. Starring Tom Cruisethe first film of Mission Impossible It hit theaters for the first time in 1996. Mission Impossible supposed all a revolution in the action cinema of the timeestablishing a new precedent for the genre that included elements linked to espionage, excessive action and emotions that were capable of take the viewer to the true limit.

Beyond that, Mission Impossible It has known how to maintain itself over time and it is that only a few weeks ago what would be its seventh installment was released: Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1, which recovered the best of the first films. Since its first installments were released to the most modern, Mission Impossible has managed to reinvent itself to remain a fresh and innovative product, staying at the forefront of action cinema.

The origins of a saga that would change action cinema forever

The first Mission Impossible film of the same name was directed by Palm, taking the first steps of a saga that has just germinated. It was at that moment that we were introduced to the iconic character played by Tom Cruise, Agent Ethan Hunt and the team of IMF: the Impossible Mission Force. In the first films of the saga starring Tom Cruise there was a much more serious and calm tone, where espionage was the cornerstone that moved the plot and their characters.

Mission Impossible

This was one of the most iconic scenes from the first Mission Impossible movie.

However, the passage of time forced Mission Impossible to change the path of where he was headed. Each film featured a constant evolution when it comes to pacing, story and tone. Little by little, that characteristic espionage that defined the first films of Mission Impossible it was fading to give way to a crazier action, which was capable of hooking both new and old viewers.

Mission Impossible He has always known how to captivate the audience with his stories full of action and intrigue, but above all, with his charismatic characters. ethan hunt it is only the first link of a chain of characters that feed each otherwhose plots develop with the passage of each film as if it were a domino effect.

Many directors brought something unique to Mission Impossible

One of the most distinctive features of Mission Impossible it’s the ability it has had to reinvent itself under the direction of different filmmakers who brought something unique to the franchise. Brian DePalma, director of the first Mission Impossible, was the one who first introduced the team in a story full of tension and confusion in which nobody knew what was going to happen until the last bars of the film arrived. Later, John Woo It was the precursor to introduce some of the shooting sequences that are most remembered in the saga. Ethan Hunt revealed to be a formidable agentstarring in hand-to-hand combat scenes and some other well-remembered stunts.

Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1

It was not until the arrival of mission impossible 3 where he delved more into Ethan Hunt’s identity. Until then, few details were known about the character played by Tom Cruisetheir true motivations or secrets were not developed until they JJ Abrams took command of the direction.

Christopher McQuarrie He has been the last director who has been in charge of directing the Mission Impossible saga. In fact, he has done it since Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation until the last installment released this year. Because he has been the director of the last three films of Mission Impossibleis the part of the saga where the viewer will feel that there is a greater cohesion in its story, linking elements from previous films to generate a much more interconnected story each other. This is where you feel a much more palpable action than with respect to the rest.

Mission Impossible is not without risk

One of the most remembered aspects of Mission Impossible cannot be ignored: the large number of risk scenes that there are. From the beginning of him, Tom Cruise always considered that he had to be the person to do the main risk scenes. Mission Impossible has always meant commitment and dedication for Tom Cruise And that shows. Some of the most remembered risk scenes that the actor did occurred in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocolwhere Tom Cruise scaled the skyscraper and did much of the sequence without a stunt double; Mission Impossible: Rogue Nationwhere he was hung from a plane or even Mission Impossible: Falloutwhich included a parachute jump and where he put his life at risk again.

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol raised $694.7

Despite the fact that the first installments seemed to be independent of each other, Mission Impossible He found the story he wanted to develop. The introduction of the Union in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was one of the big changes within the franchise. This criminal organization became a fairly recurring antagonistic force in Mission Impossible, facing ethan hunt and the IMF in a constant struggle to guarantee global security. He Labor unionled by the emblematic Solomon Lanewhich was played by Sean Harriswas the last layer that added intrigue and danger to the series.

The characters also bear a large part of the blame when it comes to the success of Mission Impossible. The Mission Impossible Force group could not be understood without characters like computer genius lutherinterpreted by Ving Rhames or even the funny one Benjiinterpreted by simonpegg. Both characters have become inseparable in Mission Impossibleadding his own essence and humor to the mythical saga.

During these more than two decades of history, the mission impossible franchise has managed to earn both the respect of viewers, reaping some very good numbers at the box office, and good critical reception more specialized. In this way, Mission Impossible ended up consolidating itself as one of the most successful film sagas in the genre of action and espionage.

Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise climbing the exterior of the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to see Mission Impossible.

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