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A user creates a hack that colors the title Kirby’s Dream Land 2

a user creates a hack that colors the title kirby's

It is not news that Nintendo, during the last year, has been celebrating in style the 30th anniversary of one of its most famous franchises, Kirby. At the beginning of this month, from its official Twitter profile, Nintendo confirmed the end of this celebration, although it has assured that there is still a lot to exploit this beloved character.

Many fans of this adorable pink creature continue to celebrate its anniversary by creating all kinds of franchise content. Although there is one in particular that has attracted attention. Specifically, it is a new hack, created by the Twitter user kkzero, for the title Kirby’s Dream Land 2 released in 1995 for the Game Boy. This completely colors all the visuals and enhances the gaming experience of the title.


Some improvements that this hack has implemented are the following; All backgrounds and tiles have been colored, taking full advantage of GBC’s graphic capabilities. Some animations and other details have been polished, greatly improving the gaming experience. The GBC’s double speed mode is also available, decreasing any lag, resulting in much more fluidity. In addition to including a completely new configuration menu. And finally, this version keeps the support for Super Game Boy intact.

A user creates a hack that colors the title Kirby's Dream Land 2