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A version of Atomic Heart without Denuvo protection has been leaked

Denuvo is the most effective anti-piracy system used in games for almost a decade. Since 2014 it has generated a lot of controversy, since on the one hand, it guaranteed that games were not easily cracked, but at the same time, this technology brought worse performance. And it is that, the hackers who managed to break that protection and offered the versions without Denuvo, the performance and FPS were higher. Knowing this, imagine knowing that now one has leaked version of Atomic Heart that does not bring Denuvowhen the launch of the game is in just two days.

Game and application piracy has been around for many years, as there have been groups of hackers who broke security systems with relative ease. Once this was done, they could upload these illegal copies to the Internet so that users could download them and have said games and apps for free. Virtually everyone is aware that this exists and has been considered a problem, since the proliferation of these activities severely affects the sales and profits of companies. But in the field of video games everything changed with the launch of denuvowell this protection was not easy to overcome. However, this is where two camps of users began to emerge, those who accepted Denuvo and those who opposed it and supported versions without such technology.

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Two days after its launch, Atomic Heart appears without Denuvo

We are not going to fool ourselves, because although Denuvo has allowed games to have greater protection than ever before against hackers, it is far from perfect. In fact, almost any fairly popular title that uses Denuvo performs worse than it should. Many comparisons of the FPS achieved with and without Denuvo and the differences were so great that they have created huge user reviews. We could already see games like DEATHLOOP that suffered stuttering and performance drops for using this technology.

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In fact, situations have been observed where developers They couldn’t take the pressure of the users and the bad results and have decided remove Denuvo from your games. That is not the case with Atomic Heart, since it will be launched on February 21 with said protection, but it turns out that this technology was added in the final stages. And it is that, a version of Atomic Heart that is one month old and does not use Denuvo.

Probably this version has better performance than the final one


While we’re keeping a relatively neutral tone on these issues, it’s unavoidable that this illegal version of the game will perform better than the original. We have already seen a large number of games where by removing Denuvo, most of the FPS and performance drops have been fixed. You are free to search the Internet for this version of Atomic Heart, but we also warn you that everything is at your own risk.

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And it is that, it is also likely that install malware on PC if you don’t walk with a lot of eye. In fact, it is always recommended that buy the original game to avoid any virus and if the price at which it costs seems very expensive, remember that it’s on game pass. Now, while you make a decision, we leave you a 5 hour gameplay of the game before it leaves in case you are curious, although we warn you that there are spoilers.


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