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A video and images of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf are filtered

Yesterday we informed you that a recent leak claimed that Dragon Age: Dreadwolfthe fourth installment of BioWare’s popular dark fantasy RPG saga, will have a real-time action combat system that resembles what we might expect from a hack and slash and that the title is far from completing its development (it still does not have an announced release date).

A new leak

Today the leaks seem to continue, as a reddit user called revanchisto has shared some supposed images of the game belonging to a hypothetical early alpha. As he explains, had access to a 20-minute video of gameplay that facilitated a playtester that he no longer participates in the project and from what he could see in it, it would be confirmed that the combats are in real time in the purest style hack and slash. Of course, according to what he says, the source of inspiration for these battles would be God of War (2018) and not final fantasy xv as rumored yesterday.


Thus, we can link combos of basic blows with skills and we will also have an energy bar that when filled allows us to execute one of our most powerful techniques. There will also be a parry system so we can block hits and counterattack.

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This video will also confirm that We will not be able to control the members of our group, only our main characterlimiting our interaction with them to giving them specific orders, a function that was not available in this alpha.

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once again, We remind you that none of this has been officially confirmedsince BioWare has hardly taught anything about this expected project, so all this information should be treated as a rumor until stated otherwise. In addition to the gallery of images that we leave you in this same news, you can also see a small 5-second clip of this supposed leak by clicking on this link.

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