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Aberrus looks great, but WoW continues to miss an opportunity to bring its awesome dragons into serious content

aberrus looks great, but wow continues to miss an opportunity

The long-awaited patch 10.1 of World of Warcraft has its days numbered: it will be among us coinciding with the reset on May 2, bringing with it a new season of content such as the Caverns of Zaralek and the campaEsports Extrasmissions associated with its Niffin inhabitants, a new rotation of PvP and Mythical+ content, public events or improved progression systems among other things. For many, yes, the new RAID is the icing on the cake.


aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, is Neltharion’s secret laboratory; a place full of important experiments that for multiple factions comes to be something like a treasure chamber. we know you have nine heads, that you should have level 70 and an average of 390 for your equipment, and that it will be available in the raid finder in normal, heroic and mythic difficulties. Clearly, it is equally promising content as all of its category. But something scales me.

Understandably, it does not include dragon mounts among its mechanics. the mechanics of dragon riding it debuted in the Dragonflight expansion as one of its main draws and has been an important part of the game ever since, influencing mission and world design. But Morgan Day, Associate Director of WoW, recently told me during an interview “it’s an indoor setting, similar to what you’ve seen in earlier raids where no mounts allowed“.


This is logical and normal, but it would also have been a good opportunity to experiment with other kinds of challenges and exploration sequences at the intersections of each encounter. “Definitely, we have heard suggestions of ‘you should take the draconic mounts to some encounters’ and we think it’s an interesting idea, but knowing that you can’t fight mounted, there are problems with that” justifies the creative, qualifying that we will have other attractions.


At the moment, only a few mounts use this mechanic, and only for exploring the environment.

Aberrus Calendar in WoW

For example, being Neltharion’s lab, at a certain point we see an alternate dracthyr prototype, which is the debuting class-race combo in Dragonflight, and similarly other encounters will have their own narrative. No surprise in that sense, but it might be interesting to start sheltering genuine mechanics funny in certain environments. Or so a humble servant believes, at least. Be that as it may, write down the dates:


To the

Raid Finder Content

Week of May 8


1: Scrapped Works

Kazzara the Hellforged, the Amalgamation Chamber, the Forgotten Experiments

Week of May 22


2: Clash of Giants

Zaqali Assault, Rashok the Elder, Watchful Administrator Zskarn

Week of June 5


3: Shadow of Neltharion

Magmorax, Echo of Neltharion

Week of June 19


4: Void Edge

Sarkareth Scaler

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