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According to Metacritic, Splatoon 3 is the best part of the shooter series

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Here’s how Splatoon 3 performs on Metacritic.

On September 9, 2022, Splatoon 3 will be the next part of the fun shooter series that focuses on multiplayer. Exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, in a few days we can once again plunge into colorful turf wars and other battles – with many new weapons, moves, arenas and more. But is that still fun? The first international reviews say yes!


Was standing: September 7, 2022 at 6:20 p.m

Splatoon 3 in the rating table

magazine rating
Vooks 100
nintenduo 96
Nintendo insiders 90
destructoid 90
Eurogamer Italy 90
NintendoLife 90 88
Game Informer 85 80
GamesRadar+ 80
WccfTech 75
VGC 60

With an average rating of 84, Splatoon 3 even manages to surpass its two predecessors on Metacritic. Splatoon 2’s meta score is 83 and Splatoon 1’s is 81.

When is the GamePro test coming? We are still in the testing process under real conditions. Hence our review of Splatoon 3 over the coming week. In it you will also learn more about the modes, for example Salmon Run:



What is well received, what is criticized?


Splatoon 3 is particularly praised for its Quality of Life improvements, which make the already good gameplay even better, which is why part 3 is also the best start for newcomers. The game just feels fresher and is fun for a long time, even if there is no big novelty that really stands out. “Anyone who hasn’t come into contact with the series yet will get an extremely entertaining multiplayer shooter with Splatoon 3 with a game mechanism that is still very distinctive and unique in the genre, and which motivates even in the long term.”



Splatoon 3 presents itself as a stable continuation of a very good shooter series, but also lacks exciting new ideas. The story mode is better than ever, but still not a highlight. And Nintendo should have shown more creativity with the multiplayer maps as well.

Despite the relatively good rating, WccfTech rightly criticizes: “After five years of absence, that may not be enough for some”. So if you know the predecessors, you shouldn’t expect too much.

Are you going to play Splatoon 3 or are you going to stick with one of the predecessors because it’s enough for you?


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