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Accumulate the equivalent of 10,000 years played!

accumulate the equivalent of 10,000 years played!

From June 1 or 2 (depends on where you live), Diablo 4 started its Early Access where if you paid more for a Deluxe edition you could play up to 4 days before its release. It may not sound like a very exciting offer, but we can’t underestimate the expectations and hype surrounding this popular Blizzard title. In fact, Blizzard itself has announced that Diablo 4 is the fastest selling game of all timealthough we will see later that this is not entirely the case.

On very few occasions there have been games that have taken more than 10 years to come out and have been able to fulfill what they promised. Generally, in these cases we talk about titles that have suffered the so-called “development hell“, many problems with its development that have caused it to be delayed longer than usual or to be cancelled. One of these examples and one that was believed to never see the light of day is Beyond Good and Evil 2 from Ubisoft. There are other cases that break this rule and the Diablo saga would be one of them, because with Diablo 3 it took 10 years and with Diablo 4 we have waited 11 years for it to launch and now that it has, we can say that has satisfied the vast number of users and media.


Diablo 4 is Blizzard’s best-selling game during its early access

Diablo 4 Inarius

Blizzard has done it again and when we talk about this it means that it has released another of its video games that has been successful in terms of sales and criticism. We are talking about the long-awaited Diablo 4, that long-awaited successor to the infamous Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal, as we remember that these two games had horrible launches. In the case of *text muted* 3 many copies were sold, but at its release the sservers couldn’t handle the loads and the game itself was unbalanced and even broken.

*text muted* Immortal It was even worse, because we have a mobile game that also came to PC full of microtransactions. That pay to win store that Blizzard put caused a serious blow to its already low reputation that it had lately. With *text muted* 4 Instead, they managed to solve these two problems, since on the one hand, they promised a store with only cosmetics and on the other hand, the servers held up very well hardly any queues of people, although problems were also reported when we connect.

Perhaps the large number of people who have bought it has been to blame, since Blizzard has announced that Diablo 4 has become the fastest selling game in all its history. Of course, it must be mentioned that this it has only been applied to its early access periodthat is, the 4 days prior to launch.


Players logged 93 million hours of Diablo 4 in four days

Diablo 4 cinematic

We may think that 4 days of early access is nothing and remember that in this case we had to pay an additional 20 euros/dollars at least (Deluxe edition) if we wanted to have early access. However, that price to pay has not been a great impediment if we take into account that since players have accumulated 93 million hours of gameplay between PC and consolesthe equivalent of 10,000 years.

Considering that the people who overpay for early access are usually a minority of total customers, we can imagine that the official release will easily exceed these numbers. Remember that unlike paying 90 euro for the edition Deluxe either 100 euros by Ultimatethe standard costs 70 euros both on PC and consoles. Diablo 4 has become that rare 2023 release where a fairly polished game has been released, with good performance, not too many bugs, and with servers that are stable most of the time.

The truth is that despite having waited more than 10 years, the fans are happy with the release of the game. If we take into account that he promises to offer us hundreds of hours of contentprogression endgame, open world and seasons, the game will continue to receive updates and content for many years.


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