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Action RPG failed with a bang on Steam, now promises big updates: side quests, spectacular fights and new weapons

action rpg failed with a bang on steam, now promises

After Wayfinder had to cope with a lot of criticism after its release, the developers are currently promising major updates at gamescom. What they are, they present you in this new trailer.

The trailer begins with a few scenes that don’t show you any gameplay, but give you a lovingly designed insight into the world of Wayfinder.


Wayfinder’s developers announce several new updates in the trailer, which should expand the gaming experience. These are the announced updates:

  • Lots of new side quests
  • Three new big fights including the biggest fight yet
  • New weapons that you can craft
  • New decorations, relics and trophies for your houses

The announced content will be available gradually over the next few weeks.

If you want to learn more about Wayfinder, have a look here:

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