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Action RPG on Steam has 85% positive reviews, starts multiplayer tests – “More to do than Diablo, not as complicated as PoE”

The action RPG Last Epoch (Steam) is still in Early Access, but is already very well received by the players. After all, the single-player adventure has already earned 85% positive ratings. Now the game is extended by a multiplayer mode.

What game is Last Epoch? Last Epoch is a hack & slay action RPG in the style of the likes of Diablo and Path of Exile. In addition to 15 master classes and a large number of configurable skills, it also relies on a time travel mechanism that is intended to save the “last epoch”.

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The game is currently in Early Access on Steam and costs €33.99. It’s really good there. The A-RPG has already collected over 13,000 reviews, with 85% of the reviews being positive, which is a strong result.

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During the early access phase, Last Epoch will also have an in-game shop. From there you can then buy skins, pets, magic effects and more. Above all, however, the popular solo game now has a multiplayer mode.

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Here you can see the trailer for the game:


Last Epoch: The trailer for the action RPG


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So you can take part in the multiplayer test for free

When does multiplayer start? The tests for Last Epoch’s multiplayer mode, in which at least 4 players can play together, should actually start at the end of 2022. It didn’t come to that. Now the tests are actually pending.

From February 23rd to February 27th you can then experience the ARPG in multiplayer. Even if you didn’t buy Early Access. All you have to do is go to the Last Epoch Steam page and click “Request Access” under the “Participate in Playtest” box.

A short time later you should then receive a notification that you are in. You can already shred your way through Last Epoch with up to three other players at the weekend, which fans are currently calling a mixture of Diablo and Path of Exile.


What comes after the multiplayer test? The game will remain playable in Early Access, so if you’re hooked, you can continue playing straight away. Unfortunately, however, first alone again, because the multiplayer only stays online for the test days.

In the future, a system called “The Cycle” will also be added to the game, which should initiate a kind of seasonal operation. This is now also known from other online games such as Diablo, which are divided into seasons. Exactly when that will happen and when Last Epoch wants to leave Early Access is currently still unknown (via

Last Epoch is “the Path of Exile for casual players”, acclaimed by fans

How is the game received? The ratings for Last Epoch have fallen a bit at the moment, but the action RPG is doing pretty well. Overall, 85% of the reviews are positive, compared to 70% of the 303 reviews for Last Epoch in the last 30 days.


Most of the reviews on Steam celebrate the game’s target audience. There the title is described as a kind of Path of Exile, but for people who only gamble occasionally. For example, there is a large in-game dictionary for all open questions.

One fan writes that this should make Googling for different builds superfluous. With 15 classes and more than 100 skill trees, Last Epoch is complex, but not as complicated as its genre colleague Path of Exile. Still, it offers more to do and more variety than Diablo.

What are the fans saying? At this point we would like to give some voices that belong to people who have already played Last Epoch. They’re straight from the Steam reviews for the game:

  • Buurz writes after 421 hours in the game: “More to do than in Diablo 2 and 3, less complicated than Path of Exile. A recommendation.”
  • TheEldenCheese says after 34 hours: “The game is like Path of Exile, but for casual players. Those who don’t want to memorize obscure mechanics just to have a viable build. You don’t need any guides outside of the game itself, you just have to play and have fun.”
  • Shyanha writes after 81 hours: “I’m having fun and looking forward to the multiplayer. It’s not too complicated to build yourself, which is wonderful for me. I want to spend my time playing the game and not thinking about how to min-max. Could I have a better build? Certainly. Does that matter much? Absolutely not.”

Have you been able to play Last Epoch yet? Are you looking forward to the multiplayer? Or is that why you’re watching the game? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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