Activision Blizzard CEO denies there was harassment inside his offices

activision blizzard ceo denies there was harassment inside his offices

Tom Henry

Activision Blizzard CEO denies there was harassment inside his offices

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The CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, spoke out regarding all the controversy that there was with the study regarding accusations of sexual harassment and mistreatment within the offices.

Long ago there was a monumental controversy within Activision Blizzardwhere many employees made it known that serious problems of sexual harassment and abuse of power by their superiors were taking place within the developer’s offices.

Sadly, the company has been dedicated to wanting to paint this like a liedespite numerous reports from many employees who witnessed how women were mistreated and where even an employee committed suicidebecause they spread nude photos of her in the office.

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, recently returned to make statements regarding this, and has taken a very radical instance, saying that all these problems have been the product of sabotage by the workers that they have formed a union against the company’s work culture, but this is not logical, since as reported in Game Developer, these accusations come long before the union.

Bobby Kotick had previously been more empathetic, or at least he wanted to pretend, when the situation had gotten out of hand. In fact, he apologized to his employees for not having responded to the accusations when they happened and that he would do everything possible to fix all the problems within Blizzard… Now he talks about the accusations as if they were arbitrary numbers and not situations that negatively marked his workers.

“The cases of harassment within Activision Blizzard are relatively lowfor a company that has 17,000 employees“, says. And he emphasizes that the statements have been misconstrued, exaggerated or what are they simply lies in many cases… This attitude really leaves me without comment.

He has also said that it is not that he does not agree with the unions, it is simply that dislikes unions that “don’t play by the rules”and I think this is already evidence of lack of humanity that the CEO of the company has. Unions are just born from working conditions that are deplorable, to raise their voices and ask for justice, obviously it is foolish to think that a union will silence the truths they need to tell, that’s not how things work, Bobby, and the law is with the employees in this case.

Sadly, this is a sEsports Extrasthat the CEO’s initial intentions were only to control the controversy that arose inside the Blizzard officesAnd while more employees leave after all this trouble, the saddest thing is that the only way Bobby Kotick will be fired is if Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard goes through.

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