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Activision Blizzard mocks Sony’s tantrum over Call of Duty, accusing it of wanting to boycott the deal | we are xbox

The Sony attitude for Call of Duty and the Activision Blizzard purchase agreement is not going unnoticed in the industry. What at first might seem like reasonable doubts have turned, over the months, into a continuous torpedoing and blockade without any foundation. Sony has not only refused to provide the information required by Microsoft up to four times, but has also done so by asking for new extensions to be able to provide it. To finally ask to veto Microsoft’s right to make allegations. In addition, he has not accepted the 10-year agreement for Call of Duty, whose initial duration he lied about, that he has obtained the approval of Nintendo and Nvidia.

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Activision Blizzard itself has been one of the most affected by Sony’s blocking and, since the beginning of the year, has not hesitated to make it clear. Lulu Cheng, Activision Blizzard’s Head of Communications, has not hesitated to verbalize on Twitter all the problems caused by Sony’s refusal, knowing that the agreement with Microsoft favors them and knowing that Sony has had (and continues to have) the opportunity to have Call of Duty on their platforms.

Activision Blizzard mocks Sony's tantrum over Call of Duty, accusing it of wanting to boycott the deal 51

Lulu Cheng, Head of Communications at Activision Blizzard, has been the visible face in the complaints against Sony’s attitude.


Activision Blizzard mocks Sony’s Call of Duty tantrum with this meme on Twitter:

Known for not mincing words, Cheng has gone all out and openly mocked Sony’s attitude with this meme: “Sony. Denies long-term access to Call of Duty. What if we lose Call of Duty?«. But, joking aside, Cheng has once again highlighted Sony’s childish attitude, comparing it to Microsoft, which has delivered on its promises.

“Microsoft is doing exactly what it said it would do.

Meanwhile, Sony continues to reject the opportunity to have a deal to guarantee long-term access to Call of Duty and is trying to undermine it to protect its two-decade-old dominance in the market.

We trust regulators understand that the acquisition will foster competition and create more opportunities for workers and better games for our players.”

Activision Blizzard mocks Sony's tantrum over Call of Duty, accusing it of wanting to boycott the deal 53

Finish as the purchase process ends, the truth is that the relations of Activision Blizzard and Sony are not going through their best moment. And that we are practically in on the eve of the end of the agreement for Call of Duty, whose term is scheduled for 2024, without having been renewed for those 10 years for the moment.

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