Activision confirms that all content from Modern Warfare II will be transferable to Call of Duty 2023

Tom Henry

activision confirms that all content from modern warfare ii will

The new Call of Duty 2023 is a reality and is obviously in development. Although some celebrities have confirmed that they are playing it (like this NBA player), we still don’t know anything conclusive about the name but we do know some new details.

This past Monday, he posted a poll on Twitter asking if Modern Warfare II operators, weapons, and packs should continue into this year’s series entry. The two options available to play are ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes, when is it revealed?’

Call of Duty 2023 is reportedly a follow-up to last year’s Modern Warfare II, developed by Sledgehammer Games.

You can see the tweet below:

Earlier this week, footage that may have originated from an internal test for the unannounced game revealed for the first time that content would carry over from Modern Warfare 2.

The upcoming sequel will also reportedly feature the return of the classic minimap and Ninja perk, with perks categorized into different pieces of “gear” including gloves, helmets, and boots.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III” was reportedly referenced in DMCA takedown notices Activision sent out to Twitter users who have been sharing images of the new game online in recent days.

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