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Activision removes NICKMERCS bundle in Call of Duty for comment against the LGBTQ+ community

activision removes nickmercs bundle in call of duty for comment

The NICKMERCS operator was removed by Activision Blizzard for having sparked controversy over his comments on Twitter.

We are in pride month LGBTQ+a month to celebrate the diversity and inclusion of all people, without prejudice to gender or sexual preference, and although as we are free to choose who we are and what we identify withsadly we will always have to deal with people who do not agree with it.


In the world of gaming this is no exception, since NICKMERCSfamous streamer of FaZehas made comments on the Twitter network that have generated a wave of controversy, due to the fact that he has commented on a video where anti LGBTQ+ protesters can be seen attacking people who were in favor of a school recognizing June as pride month.

NICKMERCS responded to the video saying that “You should leave little kids out of this”demonstrating that, it takes a negative instance regarding the recognition of the month as an important date for the community.

Many people have since responded very radical ways, both positively and negatively to NICKMERCS’s comment, some see it as a heroic figure and others see it like a bigot. The issue became so troublesome that Activision decided to remove its in-game Operator Packand have stated that they are celebrating pride month with their employees.

Many have already criticized the move, due to the fact that it will prevent players who you already bought the skin you can use itand it has been said that precisely this is the problem of collaborating with influencers or famous peoplebecause when things like this happen, sadly there is no “healthy” way to deal with it.


NICKMERCS is an individual who will have his beliefs, but the way he expressed it in a video where hatred and violence against the LGBTQ+ community is quite evident, was definitely not the most appropriate. And the problem within Call Of Duty lies in What will Activision do with the people who had bought the skin?

Dexerto says it would probably be handled as a similar situation with an Overwatch player, who had a skin commemorating his performance in 2019and that players who bought the skin were able to request a refund, after this was surrounded by controversy as well.