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Addicted gamer sold his blood to play League of Legends all day

addicted gamer sold his blood to play league of legends

Logan Visser, is a 29-year-old whose addiction to video games, especially League of Legends, ruined his promising career in fighting sports.
Logan had been recruited by Brigham Young University in Rexburg, Idaho, where he planned to study business. However, his life took an unexpected turn when he became obsessed with the League of Legends game, turning it into a total addiction that led him completely off the rails. According to New York Post story

Logan recounts how video games took control of his life, wasting his time and energy on something that had no real importance. He would spend nights glued to the screen, playing until dawn, and then sleep through the afternoon. He even went so far as to donate blood to earn money to spend on fast food and drinks, only to sit back and play again and again the next day. In his testimony, he expresses the shame he felt and how he felt trapped in a destructive cycle.


Eventually, Logan managed to overcome his addiction by realizing the mess it had caused in his life. As he progressed through the game (League of Legends), he realized that his real life was in shambles. This revelation led him to quit gaming and face the challenges he had avoided for so long. Although coming out of the addiction was not easy, he experienced withdrawal symptoms, difficulties sleeping, anxiety and panic attacks, he managed to overcome them.

Today, at 35 years old, Logan has moved to Thailand and devotes his full time to running Game Quitters, an organization that helps individuals and advises families struggling with video game addiction. His personal experience has allowed him to understand the challenges addicts face and support them in their recovery process. Logan has turned his own struggle into an opportunity to help others overcome addiction and rebuild their lives.