Aeterna Noctis will bring chaos to Nintendo Switch in November

Tom Henry

Aeterna Noctis has managed to configure itself, on its own merits, as one of the referents of metroidvania genre of 2021. Not surprisingly, Aeternum Game Studios, the Talavera developer responsible for the game, has managed to infuse its title with a proposal that is as addictive and challenging in terms of gameplay as it is beautiful and impressive in terms of art. Unfortunately, and it has already rained since its initial launch in December 2021, the Nintendo Switch version had to be left in the pipeline to guarantee the quality of the final product. Fortunately, we have just learned its release date on the hybrid. And watch out, it’s closer than you expect!

Aeterna Noctis and the war between light and dark are coming to Switch in November

Aeternum Game Studios has just confirmed that Aeterna Noctis Coming to Nintendo Switch on November 4, 2022. As if that were not enough, the game, and we have already talked about this before, will have diverse and spectacular physical editions. All of them distributed by the popular label Selecta Play. To whet your appetite, we leave you with its presentation trailer:

What did you think of the ad? Aeterna Noctis for nintendo switch? What is clear is that it is a title that should not have been missing from the recent Nintendo Direct. And it is that… what a catalog the hybrid is running during 2022! By the way, we share with all of you, with a view to calming the hype, the interview that we had the pleasure of conducting with its managers in one of the latest installments of NextNtrevistando.

Source: Aeternum Game Studios

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