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After Hi-Fi Rush I’ve returned to Sunset Overdrive… And what a great game it still is! – Xbox

You know? Sometimes there are games that for whatever reason don’t go well at first and when you let them rest, you end up loving them. That happened to me the first time I tried Sunset Overdrive. I was hyped by my partner Adrián’s review (we’re talking about 2014), and when I played it he didn’t tell me anything. It wasn’t until the following year that I tried it again and BOOM! he was inside in a few minutes. I couldn’t explain the reasons, but it was just as I tell it.

The thing is that although it has rained since the last time I completed the game, it made me want to play it again after finishing Hi-Fi Rush. I don’t know, its aesthetics and casual tone It reminds me a lot of the Insomniac Games proposal. The game features a color palette that is inevitably reminiscent of Sunset Overdrive, and there are quite a few elements that make you think of similarities.


We are in 2023 and Sunset Overdrive continues to look and play great

Anyway, I reinstalled it on my Xbox, I wanted to go back to Sunset City and see how the game had aged. And to my surprise, it still looks great. Obviously, multiplayer is dead, but the main game, which is the main course, feels very current, is very playable and could easily pass through a current game. Perhaps some details in the resolution are noticeable, but they are overshadowed by the great art of the game.

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I didn’t remember that the city was so alive, that the enemies were so fucked up and looked for your turns so well, or that the displacement was so well implemented throughout the mapping, which is not small, by the way. The missions are still fun and the badass tone of the game is something that is missing in more games. While Hi-Fi Rush does very well on this point, the story that laughs at itself it took it to another level, well above almost any similar attempt I’ve ever played.

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