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After more than 6 years of early access, the new MMORPG is coming to Steam today – focuses on realistic battles in the Middle Ages

Today a new medieval . is released on Steam, which is leaving Early Access after more than 6 years and focuses on realistic battles. You can see the launch trailer for the game on MeinMMO.

What kind of game is this? Gloria Victis is a Medieval . on Steam that was released in Early Access in 2016. Today, February 7th, the title celebrates its full release. There is also a launch trailer that shows medieval PvP sword fights and explains the gameplay.


What is the gameplay of Gloria Victis? The . relies on PvP and focuses on combat that is as realistic as possible – whether with melee weapons such as swords or long-range weapons such as bow and arrow.

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These weapons must be crafted by blacksmiths or looted from defeated players through the game’s realistic approach. There are various crafts to go with it. The gathering of resources and the crafting of objects therefore play an important role.


Because realism is paramount, Gloria Victis eschews magic or supernatural creatures. Instead, besieging and capturing castles is a core element.

Also, there are no fixed classes in Gloria Victis. Your character is defined by the items and skills you use.

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What does the trailer show? Gloria Victis’ launch trailer shows different areas of the game such as siege combat and 1v1 sword fights.

In addition, we see various training sites to improve your own fighting skills, the emblem editor and a kind of boss fight against an elephant.

What is the status of the .? Gloria Victis’ reviews on Steam are mostly positive at 71%. A total of 5,458 players have submitted a review of the game (as of February 07, 2023).

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However, the community of the . is comparatively small. As of January 2023, Gloria Victis had an average of 286 players (via SteamCharts). It remains to be seen to what extent the 1.0 release will bring growth in player numbers.

Another medieval ., ReEsports Extrasof Guilds, recently offered a playtest that ends today, February 7th. The game has a karma system that proclaims you a “saint” if you eliminate enough evil players.


New Medieval . on Steam will make you a saint if you kill enough “Psychos”.