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Age of Mythology: All cheats for the classic

The Age of series also includes the often overlooked Age of Mythology, and you can easily turn things around in this one too.

In our Guide we’ll show you which ones cheats for Age of Mythology are available and what their effect is.

All about cheats in Age of Mythology:

How to use the cheats in Age of Mythology?

To be able to enter the cheats in Age of Mythology, open it with the Enter-Key the cheat window. Enter the desired code and then confirm your entry by pressing the Enter key again.

What cheat codes are there for Age of Mythology?

In our list you will find all cheats for Age of Mythology:

cheats effect
ATM OF EREBUS You get 1,000 gold.
TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE You will receive 1,000 wood.
JUNK FOOD NIGHT You get 1,000 food.
SET ASCENDANT Shows you all the animals on the map.
LAY OF THE LAND The entire map is revealed.
UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT The card is hidden.
IN THE DARKEST NIGHT The game switches to night mode.
L33T SUPA H4X0R Building is accelerated.
MOUNT OLYMPUS You gain maximum faith.
MRMONDAY The AI ​​opponents get stronger.
ENGINEERED GRAIN Makes the animals fatter.
ISIS HEAR MY PLEA All heroes will be unlocked.
DIVINE INTERVENTION Your god powers will be charged.
PANDORA’S BOX You will receive random god powers.
WRATH OF THE GODS You gain access to natural disasters.
GOATUNHEIM All units are turned into goats.
FEAR THE FORAGE Berry bushes are animated.
BAWK BAWK BOOM You get the Chicken Meteor as a god power.
RED TIDE The water will be colored red.
I WANT THE MONKEYS!!!1! You will get some monkeys.
WUV WOO You will get a flying purple hippopotamus.
O CANADA You get a bear with a laser.
TINES OF POWER You get a unit with Pitchfork.
THRILL OF VICTORY You win the current scenario.
CHANNEL SURFING You win the current mission in the campaign.

Use the power of the gods aka cheats.

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