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Ahri’s visual rework suffers a new delay

Ahris visual rework suffers a new delay.webp

This week, Riot Games will launch the League of Legends patch 13.1b. Although everything was ready to implement the version 13.2a cyberattack on the developer’s servers He stole the source code. From Riot they are working to prevent the launch of the content from being delayed more than it should, although some updates, As the rework Ahri’s visualthey will have to wait.


Yes, Riot Games has confirmed that the priority was to release the patch with the improvements to the AD Carries as well as the different debuffs to some champions that are completely destroying the metagame. That is why a concept like rework visual of Ahri will have to wait, thus focusing on some aspects of the game that require it more.

Once again, it’s time to wait for the rework Ahri’s visual

As they have confirmed, the rework Ahri’s visual will be launched, if there is no problem, along with League of Legends patch 13.3. This means that the February 8th we could meet the new Ahri on Summoner’s Rift. With all this, we still have a couple of weeks to enjoy the current Ahri in the video game.

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As revealed from Riot Games, will change all splash arts of the champion, thus bringing a complete sense of upgrade. On the other hand, we will also see the changes within the game. Ahri is a champion who it was outdated with respect to many characters on the campus. Even though they updated their gameplay at the time, its visual appearance remained completely identical to the old one.

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The developer has already shown us what this Ahri will look like after her rework visual, so many players want it released as soon as possible. Remember, the estimated date is February 8, so go preparing the pick to show off new Ahri.

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