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Albacete Warrior, a combat game developed in Spain, is now available on consoles

Albacete Warriordescribed by the USAstudio FAS3, is a satirical combat game that It’s out now on consoles and PC.. The title was first released in Early Access for computers and introduces us to Benito Aguas, a ninja from Albacete, on his adventure around the world on a mission granted by his teacher, Paco Sensei.

“Always accompanied by his faithful companion and main weapon, Pepito la Gallina, deal blows to waves of enemies who only want to see you dead and fulfill the old prophecy to become the chosen one, like many others who have come before. Being the chosen one nowadays doesn’t seem very special, but it sounds good.says the study.

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We can fight, climb and have fun alone or with friends thanks to the cooperative mode that will allow us to enjoy Benito’s odyssey accompanied while liters of pixelated blood are spilled.

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A 3D world with 2D characters

Albacete Warrior presents 3D environments with sprites 2D and the possibility of running, jumping and making our way using a chicken as a weapon. Between the levels we will find forests, temples, snowy fields, towns, ruins and more.

“Adds a new dimension to the combat of the beat ’em up traditional. Instead of scrolling sideways, the characters are 2D Esports Extras art sprites that move, run and jump between the walls of vast 3D arenas. On his journey through youa huge variety of levelsBenito will face hordes of enemies to dicks wielding his feathered friend Pepito as a weapon”.

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Gifted with the speed and agility of a fearsome warrior and a wry, satirical sense of humor, Benito has what it takes to become the Chosen One.


Albacete Warrior now on sale on consoles and PC new tr