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All about My Hero Academia’s Paranormal Liberation Front

The Liberation Front of my hero academia will have a much more prominent role in the sixth season, which follows the events of the battle between the Liberation army and the fierce League of Villains.

Stronger and more united than ever, there is no doubt that the villains will want to advance their plans throughout Japan. But what do they want to achieve and where does all this cooperation come from?

In this article we will tell you how the paranormal liberation front of my hero academia and what unites the greatest conglomerate of villains in history.

What is the Liberation Front?

Known as the paranormal liberation frontit is about an evil organization whose roots were formed several decades before the events of my hero academia.

So far the series has been about combat between heroes and villains in which the most important thing was “quality”. That is to say that skills were more important than numbers. However, this new line-up of villains will change everything, you can give them access to quality in quantities never seen before.

The army is made up of all kinds of villains, from some weaker to some stronger and more experienced. However, all the evil members of the organization have something in common, and that is that they fight for the same ideal: a world in which everyone can do what they want.

But to understand more about what binds so many evil minds together, we need to dig a bit into their origins.

The predecessor of the Paranormal Liberation Front in My Hero Academia

To understand the paranormal liberation front of my hero academiafirst you should know a little about its base: the fearsome Liberation army of super powers.

It all started with a young man named Chikara Yotsubashi, who used to hide part of his face with a mask before going out to protest in public. He was nothing more than an activist, but he had an idea that was impacting more and more audiences, especially among villains.

Chikara defended the idea that the Gifts were part of the human being and, therefore, using them was a basic human right. At one point he had so many followers that he decided to form a criminal organization called Liberation army of super powers. From then on, the young man was renamed “Destro” and led his new group with the sole objective of “destroying the Status Quo”.

For years the Liberation army tried to change the civilized world my hero academia in order to oppose the government. However, they ended up being defeated and arrested by the authorities, which led to the dissolution of the organization.

Destro spent the last years of his life writing a biographical book explaining more about the freedom of the Dons, committing suicide after publication. If you think this was the end of everything, you’re underestimating the power of Destro’s Legacies.

paranormal liberation front My hero academia

The Resurrection of the Liberation Army of Super Powers

Destro made sure to pass on his will to others, but not in the way you think. It is true that the book has continued to sell ever since and has inspired thousands of people to use their Gifts freely. But this only created more regular villains with no specific purpose other than to oppose government regulations.

But Destro had left behind a second legacy that would surely follow his will: a son of spectacular power. It was Rikiya Yotsubashi, who when he grew up would become the president of the Detnerat company, which specializes in the production of support items for daily life.

He was a successful man in business, but what nobody expected was that he was also succeeding in the shadows, since he had brought together no less than 116,516 villains under the name of the renewed Liberation army of super powers. Rikiya adopted the name Re-Destro and was waiting for the perfect moment to spring into action.

No one noticed them as they kept hidden due to sharing Japan with All Might, the world’s mightiest hero. However, when the latter withdrew after the events on Kamino, they knew his time had come.

paranormal liberation front My hero academia

There can only be one army of villains

The events that preceded the creation of the paranormal liberation front in my hero academia they were quite unexpected. With tens of a million highly trained members and teamwork skills worthy of an army, Re-Destro’s group was expected to be infallible.

But Liberation army He not only adored the ideal of “liberation”, but also its greatest promoter, the late Destro. For them, only Destro’s descendant, Re-Destro, could bring real release. That is why the exploits of the League of Villains were taken as hostility towards the entire organization.

The Liberation Army came up with a plan thanks to Re-Destro’s intellect, and lured the League of Villains to a city entirely occupied by his warriors. Re-Destro knew everything about them: their numbers, abilities, skills, and most importantly, weaknesses. He even successfully deduced that they would not have any Nomu available. It was just another one of his perfect plans.

But he did not count on the fact that he was dealing with the disciple of All-for-one, the greatest villain that has ever existed in the universe of my hero academia.

paranormal liberation front My hero academia

The Paranormal Liberation Front of My Hero Academia is born

In an unprecedented series of events, the League of Villains he survived a ferocious onslaught from over a hundred thousand villains, including Re-Destro himself. This happened thanks to the “awakening” of the gifts of Himiko Toga, Twice, and especially Tomura Shigaraki.

Re-Destro was unable to defeat Shigaraki due to his Quirk relying on stress, and the young villain’s presence reassured him. It was then that he decided that Shigaraki was the true heir to Destro’s will, and thus gave him the leadership and all the members of his organization.

Shigaraki was not interested in them at first. However, seeing that he had earned the respect of so many villains together, including Esports Extrasntomachia, and also increased his potential as a villain, he agreed to become the leader.

Now under Shigaraki’s command, the army became the paranormal liberation frontwho will star in the new season of my hero academia.

what to expect from paranormal liberation front in my hero academia

After the formation of paranormal liberation front in my hero academia, the fifth season had a closure that left its fans waiting. The sixth season that began on October 1 will follow the plans of this organization.

Unlike Liberation armythe new paranormal liberation front he does not seek only “liberation”. Shigaraki’s plan is to “destroy everything”, and create a new society from there. A world where everyone can do as they please.

Shigaraki has entered a new phase as a villain, and a mysterious medical process led by the evil genius Kyudai Garaki is expected to grant him powers the likes of which have never been seen before.

With a massive army of villains and unprecedented new powers, the Liberation Front could forever change the universe of my hero academia as we know it.

Most prominent members

Some of the high command members of the paranormal liberation front They are also one of the most powerful villains in my hero academia. These command portions of the organization and have thousands of other members at their command.

These are just some of the most powerful leaders of the Paranormal Liberation Front in my hero academia:

  • Tomura Shigaraki: Disintegrates everything in an area around him from what he touches. It’s also in the process of receiving a major power-up.
  • Dhabi: Control the hottest fire in the series.
  • Himiko Toga: He can transform into anyone whose blood he has absorbed. If you have a connection with that person, you can even use their powers.
  • Twice: You can make copies of yourself or others. These copies can be an army in itself, although they disappear after taking damage.
  • Re-Destroy: You can boost your physical abilities by accumulating stress.
  • geten: Can create and control ice. He has the strongest icebending seen in the series.
  • Mr Compress: He can compress anything he touches, transforming his target into small spheres.
  • spinner: Has the abilities and appearance of a lizard. Because of this, he is the voice of thousands of anthropomorphic villains.
  • Esports Extrasntomachia: Has multiple Gifts, including Esports Extrasntification, energy efficiency, pain blocking, and stamina.

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