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All about the .50 GS in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 4: the most beloved twins by dual lovers

There are many reasons to use the Excess Media perk in Call of Duty Warzone and they are all good ones. Now I ask you to put it aside to try a new combination of weapons outside of the current game meta. Are you quick with the trigger? You better, because it’s time to talk about the gun (or hand cannon) .50GS. In real life she is known as DESERT EAGLE.

.50 GS in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 4: The most beloved twins

Just recently I told you what are the most used secondary weapons in Call of Duty Warzone. The Modern Warfare .50GS wasn’t on the list and the reason is very simple: they received a huge buff in a recent patch that increases max damage from 70 to 91, average damage from 49 to 65, and min damage from 45 to 55. These are buffs to consider.

The Desert Eagle hasn’t taken long to climb the WZRanked charts, hitting the Top 9 and Top 6 Secondary Weapons and Top 6 Most Used Pistols in Warzone. The thing improves when looking at the K / D, as it is positioned as the fifth most used pistol. It is likely to move up the ranks in the coming days.

  • pick ratio: 3.77
  • K/D: 0.95
  • Win Rate: 3.00

As for the configuration of the .50 GS, I go back to streamer Winghaven to offer you the most reliable:

  • Bocacha: –
  • Canyon: FORGE TAC executor.
  • To be: 5mW laser.
  • Look: –
  • trigger system: Light trigger.
  • Magazine/Ammunition: 13-round magazines.
  • rear handle: –
  • Advantage: Duals.
Desert Eagle Warzone1

This is how it was to live the Rainbow Six Siege finals at Gamepolis 2022

The most important thing about this setup is the To be and the trigger, which grant precision, range and cadence to the Desert Eagle. Their main drawbacks are their recoil and their slow rate of fire, both problems are “solved” by carrying them in duals and with accessories respectively.

In any case, it is a powerful combination, but one that requires skill and cunning on the part of the player. And in case you had not fallen: this configuration is used in short distances, Very short. You kill with one or two shots from each cannon. Despite its power, I personally prefer a submachine gun because it is more versatile and has a much greater range of action.

You can combine these twins with any AR/Assault Rifle, any other type of weapon will be a much bigger disadvantage. maybe a Kar98k for its manageability, but it is still risky. A submachine gun or shotgun means being sold at long distances.

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