All about the Armaguerra 43 in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 4: the kryptonite of the H4 Blixen and Marco 5 submachine guns

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It has become clear that the most loved weapons during this Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone are submachine guns. The latest swings have turned the reEsports Extrasof the H4 Blixen and Marco 5 upside down. Weaponwar 43 The Vanguard has passed both to the right, positioning itself as the most used and best performing submachine gun at the time of writing this guide.

Armaguerra 43 in Call of Duty Warzone

What has happened for the Weaponwar 43 has become the most used submachine gun and the second most chosen weapon by the community? It is likely that the latest swings and the recommendations of some content creator have been the trigger.

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His numbers on WZRankeds are spectacular. He boasts a 7.14 pick ratio, 1.29 K/D and 4.33 win ratio. This positions it as the second most used weapon (surpassed by the KG M40), the third that kills the most (surpassed with little difference by the H4 Blixen and KG M40) and the fourth with the most victories (surpassed by the ballistic shield, H4 Blixen Y KG M40).

His numbers are positive, which means he is on the up and likely to continue moving up the ranks. In the next summary of the week (Friday) we will see the trajectory of the Armaguerra 43. You can see a preview in the image that I share below.

And what’s so special? She is a meat grinder thanks to her cadence. Kill very quickly, as long as you have good aim. The following build is focused on giving him more rate (yes, more), accuracy, and damage.

  • Bocacha: Recoil amplifier.
  • Canyon: Botti 315mm CII.
  • Look: Reflector Slate.
  • Butt: Imerito SA folding.
  • Coupling: Hand stop for M1941.
  • Magazine/Ammunition: 9 mm magazine with 60 projectiles / Hollow Point.
  • rear handle: Polymer handle.
  • Advantage: Patient and Speed.

You can combine the Wararm 43 with any assault rifle, sniper, shotgun, or machine gun. I recommend the AR KG M40currently the most popular weapon in Warzone.

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