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All about the BAR in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 4: a weapon only suitable for true veterans


The weapons that are part of the meta (style of play) of Call of Duty Warzone are usually very clear from the beginning of the season. However, there are players who use the weapons they like against what most players dictate. The AR or assault rifle BAR from Call of Duty Vanguard is a good example.


BAR in Call of Duty Warzone: only suitable for veterans

The AR BAR has been in the Call of Duty Warzone meta for a while, but its presence in the battle royale has been diminished by the supremacy of the SMG or submachine guns and the good work of the HZ-41 assault rifle. At the time of writing this guide, he has a pick ratio of 1.68, a K/D of 1.12, and a win ratio of 3.45 (via WZRanked).


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It is in fifteenth place in the table of the most chosen weapons. However, things change when we look at the K/D and the win ratio: sixth and fifth place respectively, in both cases being the second best assault rifle. In short: an efficient weapon, although forgotten by many users.

If you want to carry the BAR as part of your arsenal, then you should consider equipping it with the following accessories:


  • Bocacha: MX silencer.
  • Canyon: 76.2mm XL CGC.
  • Look: PU sight for SVT-40 (X3-6).
  • Butt: CooperSP.
  • Coupling: Hand stop for M1941.
  • Magazine/Ammunition: Aklauser with 40 shells / Elongated.
  • rear handle: Polymer handle.
  • Advantage: Patient and Available.

The result of equipping these accessories is a weapon that loses mobility, but gains a lot of accuracy and range. Also, an update increased his headshot damage and in +10 bullets your magazine just over a month ago. As for the ideal add-ons for this weapon, you can turn to the well-loved Marco 5, H4 Blixen, and MP-40 SMGs.