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Call of Duty

All about the DMR-14 in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 4: With great power comes great skill

The Call of Duty Warzone meta is mostly dominated by submachine guns: Marco 5, H4 Blixen and MP-40. If you don’t like submachine guns and you want to have options to fight in short and medium distances during this Season 4, you can opt for other submachine guns or… for this proposal: the DMR-14 in “submachine gun mode” (via Winghaven).


DMR-14 in Call of Duty Warzone: a lot of power at the cost of a lot of skill

The only drawback of the DMR-14 in “submachine gun mode” or prepared for short and medium distances is that requires a lot of skill, especially marksmanship. If you manage to hit, you will break the enemy’s plates with very few bullets and you will finish sending him to valhalla with even fewer bullets.

There are no figures for the DMR-14 on WZRanked. His current pick ratio is 0.04. There is no K/D or win rate. As for the accessories you need to put on to turn this rifle into a counter-submachine gun, you can see them below.


  • Bocacha: Silencer.
  • Canyon: 16.5″ Titanium
  • To be: –
  • Look: Millstop reflex.
  • Butt: –
  • Coupling: Brusier handle.
  • Charger: 30 shells.
  • rear handle: –

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As you can see from the image, the build helps improve timing, mobility, and control, losing quite a bit of damage in the process. However, the increased rate of fire means that the damage reduction not only doesn’t affect his kill speed, but increases it…provided you’re skilled enough.