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All about the FENNEC in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 5: upgraded and ready to smash from the hip

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 has been good for Modern Warfare and Cold War weapons and not so good for Vanguard, as I told you a few days ago in the weekly Warzone weapon review.

The SMG or FENNEC submachine gun (TDI Vector in real life and famous in other video games such as The Division) of Modern Warfare has been one of the graced weapons with very interesting improvements.

FENNEC in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 5

During Season 4 I told you that it was a submachine gun far from the meta, but very efficient in combat: lethal at close range, with a lot of damage Y mobility. Season 5 changes have improved the weapon’s damage side, giving it an increase in neck damage from 1.01 to 1.4 and damage multiplier to legs and feet from 0.9 to 1.0.

It is not a very big increase, but considering its bestial cadence and that you are going to use it almost always hip (or you should), a lot of the bullets will go to the legs and neck. It is usually aimed at the chest/back when the scope is not used.

In WZRankerds he still has anecdotal figures: 0.57 pick ratio, 0.97 K/D and 2.32 win ratio. Despite that, the FENNEC has everything you need to compete with the best submachine guns: Armaguerra 43, Marco 5 and H4 Blixen.

  • To be: 5mW laser.
  • Butt: Without Stock.
  • Coupling: Mercenary Foregrip.
  • Charger: 40-round drum magazines.
  • Advantage: Sleight of hand.
Feenec Warzone Season 5

My first time in World of Warcraft was so short that I didn't even get out of Stormwind.  Later, some friends showed me the wonderful world of Azeroth

The configuration (Via Winghaven) of the FENNEC is simple, but it has a great impact on the weapon: it greatly increases the precision and the mobility to concentrate the bullets more. On the other hand, you lose a little control…but since you won’t (or shouldn’t) use it from the scope, that’s fine.

And since we’re into Modern Warfare upgrades, you can complement your upgraded AR GRAU 5.56 with this FENNEC submachine gun. A heart-stopping combo and totally recoil free! You’re going to have a very, very good time.

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