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All about the future beta of Diablo IV

On June 6 of this year, a highly anticipated video game will be released by the entire community: Diablo IV. From Activision Blizzard they have confirmed that there will be a beta for this long-awaited video game, although we do not yet know when it will be available. From Blizzard they want to trust the criteria of their players to eliminate any type of error that may appear in Diablo IV, all before its official release.

Yes ok we still don’t know the exact date In which this beta will be launched, at Blizzard they wanted to share with their players the way to sEsports Extrasup for this early access. Then We will explain what is necessary to access the video game.


How to access the Diablo IV beta?

All beta details will be posted on the official portal of Diablo IV the moment Blizzard makes them official. The most important thing to prepare for this announcement is login to the Diablo IV website and set up the account. For this we will link this account with that of PlayStation, Xbox either This will be an official requirement in order to submit the application to access the beta of the video game.

At the moment there is no official date but we all hope that the opening of this beta will take place between the months of March and April. Nevertheless, Blizzard could always look to release an earlier version and another just before release. to polish the last errors that the game may have.


Remember that even if you have requested access to the Diablo IV beta, no one guarantees your access. The only way to get access to it yes or yes is reserving the video game. Right now you can do the advance purchase both from and from the different digital stores of the other platforms. Once with the pre-purchase, we will simply have to request access and at the moment it opens we will be able to enjoy the beta.

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