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All about the JAK-12 of Warzone, Season 5: the shotgun that uninstalls the game to your rivals

I warned you a couple of weeks ago that the terror of shotguns was coming back to Warzone and the JAK-12 shotgun was at the top of the most effective weapons in combat. Last week’s recap showed that the shotgun had disappeared from the charts… but it was a Jason trap from Friday the 13th. It’s very much alive and shooting it at close range is almost an injustice.


JAK-12 from Warzone

The JAK-12 shotgunInspired by the real AA-12 shotgun, it’s the true terror of Warzone today. You only have to see its stats with accessories and some gameplay to realize that it should be illegal. Some developer has touched where it shouldn’t and has destroyed it… for the benefit of those who are leaving the meta to try it.

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His numbers in WZRankerd have dropped to almost the minimum (0.06 Pick Ratio, 0.98 K/D and 2.31 Wins), but don’t be fooled. As Admiral Ackbar said in Star Wars: “It’s a trap!“. Don’t you believe me? Maybe this accessory build will win you over. It’s so lavish that you can afford to take a Esports Extras of damage off it:

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  • Bocacha: Forge Prowler TAC.
  • Canyon: ZLR J-3600 Torrent.
  • To be: 5mW laser.
  • Charger: 20-round drum magazines.
  • Advantage: Sleight of hand.

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This accessory configuration greatly increases the precision and the scope to avoid the dispersion of the lead balls of the cartridges at the cost of losing a Esports Extras of damage and a lot of mobility and control. This makes it a slow weapon to move around, but very quick to use.

It has a charger 20 shells, very fast reloading and medium-high cadence, being an automatic weapon. Kill 3-4 rounds, depending on where the lead balls hit.

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When it comes to which weapons to carry as a companion, you have to face a dilemma: find an effective weapon with a lot of movement speed. Submachine guns like the MP-40 would be ideal, but you can’t cover long distances. On the other hand, you have the XM4 rifle and the Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle, which do not have much mobility.


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