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All about the Kar98K in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 4: the best friend for lovers of aggressive sniping

Last week (late July) there was a general rocking in Call of Duty Warzone loadouts that benefited and disadvantaged certain weapons. This caused the tables of weapons most used by users to undergo several changes.

Shortly after (early August), Warzone received another weapon roll that introduced new changes. The biggest beneficiaries of this second balance have been the snipers, especially in beloved Kar98K (Vanguard), which has had its maximum damage range increased from 48 to 72 meters. This makes it the best marksman rifle for aggressive play.

Kar98K in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 4

Vanguard’s Kar98K currently has poor WZRanked numbers at the time of writing. His pick ratio is 1.00, K/D is 0.94 and win ratio is 2.14. Taking into account that the balance is very recent, I would say that his numbers will improve in the next few days.

For practical purposes, the Kar98K Vanguard kills with a headshot at short-medium ranges, and almost does it at long ranges. Users who use this weapon to “play aggressive” are in luck, because not even plates are going to save their enemies.

  • Bocacha: Explorer Silencer.
  • Canyon: 660mm 50HE VOD.
  • Look: k98 Scout 10.0x Telescopic.
  • Butt: Short butt.
  • Coupling: pistol grip for SMLE.
  • Magazine/Ammunition: 8mm Klauser with 5 shells / Lengthened.
  • rear handle: Cloth handle.
  • Advantage: Look fast and Available.

The configuration that I present to you prioritizes accuracy, damage, range and mobility, losing a bit of control and leaving aside the cadence.

Kar98k Warzone

You can cover all distances with this Kar98k and choose as secondary the .50 GS pistol in Duals or other primary weapons such as VLK Rogue (shotgun), Vargo-S (rifle or submachine gun mode) or any of the weapons you can find in our Warzone guides.

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