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All about the KG M40 in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 4: a very interesting alternative to the NZ-41

The Call of Duty Warzone meta for Season 4 is more than set, unless Activision introduces some patch that revolutionizes weapon balancing. The NZ-41 assault rifle and the Marco 5 and H4 Blixen submachine guns are the trinity on the throne. However, there are alternatives for those who wish to use different weapons. The KG M40 is one of them.


KG M40 in Call of Duty Warzone: Tired of the NZ-41?

The KG M40 It is a weapon that has been present in Warzone for several seasons. After a rocky start, a recent patch increased her minimum damage from 24 to 26. This two point difference makes her a contender to compete with ARs. NZ-41 Y STG44… and the numbers begin to support this data.


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Figures from WZRanked reveal that the KG M40 is rising in every way: its pick ratio has risen to 3.44, K/D to 1.07, and win ratio to 3.39. That places her in seventh, eighth and sixth position respectively in the tables. The Cooper Carbine, the STG44 Y NZ-41 they are the only ARs above this weapon. Everything indicates that it could ascend.

And what accessories should you take to turn the KG M40 into an AR with respectable damage, rate of fire, and almost non-existent recoil? Whether you are a novice or veteran, I recommend the following:


  • Bocacha: MX Silencer
  • Canyon: Reisdorf 720mm covered.
  • Look: PU watch for STV-40 (x3-6).
  • Butt: VDD 22G padded.
  • Coupling: Hand stop for M1941.
  • Magazine/Ammunition: 8mm Klauser 60 rounds / Elongated
  • Handle: Polymer handle.
  • Advantage: Safe and Available grip.

The graph says it all. The AR KG M40 loses mobility with this build, but gains some range and massive damage. We are talking about a lot of damage, enough to consider trying it. As for the companion weapon, any of the three flagship submachine guns is a good choice: Marco 5, H4 Blixen or MP-40.