All about the new Splatoon 3 Multi-lure: Is it broken?

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All about the new Splatoon 3 Multi-lure: Is it broken?

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The multi lures is the new weapon splatoon 3 that will allow you to destroy your opponents in a very creative way.

During the warm season that will start this March 1, it will bring us 12 new weapons, as well as new maps, equipment and even completely new functions. Multiple of them have been confirmed so far, including the Imperial Squid, Krak-on Splat Roller, and .96 Gal Deco.

The name of these weapons in USAis awaiting confirmation. However, the multi lures not only does it have an official name, but we have already seen it in action; and has a lot of potential splatoon 3.

meet the new multi lures of splatoon 3

Depending on your play style, it is normal that you prefer some weapons over others. The new one multi lures of splatoon 3 it can become your favorite special weapon, if you learn to master it in multiplayer games.

The multi lures It stands out mainly for its simplicity. It allows you to shoot from a distance a large number of decoys around an area. These are basically ink balloons with rather funny faces. But the interesting thing is that they will explode after being attacked by the speakers, dealing damage to nearby enemies and, of course, painting the floor in ink.

It would be inconvenient to have to wait for enemies to destroy the decoys, since most would avoid doing so. The good news is that these are scheduled to detonate automatically after a while, giving you a chance to flank the area. Enemies will likely be waiting for the detonation to retake the area, leaving them vulnerable for a while.

Can use lures offensively to cover your enemies in ink, or strategically to confuse them. Whatever your strategy, the decoys will explode covering the area in ink. It is a special weapon with low risk and high reward that will undoubtedly help you win more games in splatoon 3.

You can see the weapon in action below:

use the multi lures to counter the camperos of splatoon 3

Despite the interesting concept created for the multi lures from Splatoon 3many players are worried that the weapon is too good.

According to Nintendo, the multi lures was designed with players in mind who wait for their rivals at landing points after they spawn, better known as “Spawn campers”. The idea of ​​this weapon is to use it to distract those camperos while you reposition yourself to defeat them.

The idea is that the decoys will also have a landing mark when you spawn, so it will be more difficult for them to predict your position. In concept, the multi lures serves to distract, deny, and retake an area.

The only counter to your enemies will be to move away, or quickly destroy the decoys so you don’t have to wait for them to detonate. Either way, you will have successfully retaken control of the area or distracted your opponents.

Of course, nothing prevents enemies from using the same special weapon against you, so matches can get quite chaotic. It may even be used in conjunction with other players to paint the entire map and focus on taking out opponents. Other examples of player concerns are potential combinations with the N-ZAP 85, or a Mega Sweeper player blowing up lures with teammates near him.

We will only be able to see the full potential of the multi lures when i finally get to splatoon 3.

The new Expansion Pass of splatoon 3

The fun will increase in the warm season with bmulti lures and other weapons from Splatoon 3. But if that’s not enough for you, you can also purchase the Expansion Pass to expand your ink festival experience.

This paid content is divided into two DLC contents. The first will focus on Cromópolis, offering a renewed version of its plaza, with new vendors and live performances by the popular Calamarciñas.

The second DLC will be a bit more traditional, as it will offer a new multiplayer adventure called The Face of Order. This will basically show us a destination in Cromópolis square where there seems to be problems.

you can buy the expansion pass splatoon 3 via the Nintendo Switch eShop. The first DLC will arrive in the spring, while the second does not have a specific date.

You can watch the official trailer just below:

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